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  1. She'd seen him many times then, everyone else had dropped him, and only moneyed privilege had kept him out of the gutter. It had made her feel like a dutiful grown-up daughter, visiting a hypochondriac distant relative once a week. Finally his double-barrelled family had stepped in and bought the prodigal a mega-mineral cure and a penthouse flat. (source: A0L)
  2. CARE in the selection of tenants CARE in the preparation of the Inventory CARE in the drawing up the Agreements and Rent Act Notices (source: AAY)
  3. Khrushchev was ready to trump that one. As a poor boy in the Soviet Union he had, he pointed out, become chairman of the Supreme Council of Soviets, a job whose responsibilities compared even with those of running 20th Century Fox. Then came the visit to the shooting of a dance sequence from an un-remembered film called Can-Can . (source: ACS)
  4. Several recent books (notably Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth) show that as women have gained independence, their "ideal" weight has declined. Encouraging us to exist on the brink of starvation is one way of stopping us from getting too liberated. When a woman lunches on a plate of raw spinach that wouldn't satisfy a tortoise, she simply won't have the energy to demand a seat on the board. (source: AL3)
  5. One successful way of going about it is to invite parents into school one class at a time to hear of the plans that the school has made. Careful preparation for the meeting is particularly vital. It's important to achieve a non-confrontation setting -- with refreshments available, seating arranged in a circular pattern so as to avoid grouping staff and governors in a defensive posture behind a line of tables, or even worse, sheltering on the school stage. (source: AND)
  6. "I made an amazing discovery today," he told her. "Oh?" "I was in the London Library. (source: APR)
  7. Quite. INT. EMMA & RICHARD'S HOME. (source: ASD)
  8. I strongly believe that parents should be properly informed about the policies and practices of their schools; that they should have the means regularly to voice their opinions and should indeed be represented on the governing bodies of schools, yet I believe too that there are dangers in allotting them too many constitutional powers. Even less than Local Authorities are they to be relied on for continuity of policy, or an ability to look beyond the day after tomorrow. Yet parent power has, in the recent past, been one of the central proposals of government. (source: ASY)
  9. Black-and-white pied. Dairy. The Belgian Black Pied was formed in 1966 by the amalgamation of two black-and-white breeds, the Hervé and the Polders . (source: B0K)
  10. The Science and Engineering Research Council has designated electro-active polymers an area of special interest. It intends to spend £1 million over the next five years on this, and other polymer research. It sponsored a meeting at Didcot, near Oxford, last month to bring university researchers and semiconductor manufacturers together to discuss new lithographic materials. (source: B76)
  11. Then she remembered Damien. The stirrup. Nick had always said that his Jockey Club duties came before his business. (source: BP7)
  12. The reliance of elderly people on walking as a mode of transport increases their exposure to risk whilst their failing faculties raise the likelihood of them not seeing the striking vehicle. According to OECD studies the proportion of elderly people killed and injured is greater in residential areas than elsewhere in urban areas. This is so also for children, so that together these two groups often constitute the majority of casualties on residential streets. (source: C8F)
  13. Every row can be woven, but experiment also with stripes which are spaced out with stocking stitch rows. Various shapes can also be woven into a garment using this method. Squares and diamonds are very easy and knitting these in different colours can be extremely effective. (source: CA2)
  14. The 16-year-old girl and a man with her were shot in the head and dumped on wasteground. Four more victims were left seriously wounded. One man was shot four times in the legs as he went for a walk. (source: CBE)
  15. It created a flurry of disapproval among the women. "It's too old, Um Yusef." "Have you seen the old sandook Um Yusef put in the entrance? (source: CDX)
  16. Dean and Mrs Dean, and Gorevan, all from Rhyl, North Wales, were originally charged with attempted murder but the charge was reduced yesterday. The defence asked for reporting restriction to be lifted. The defendants were committed for trial. (source: CEN)
  17. "The only value in the figures is the indication of the scale and an adjective would be better. The word I would pick is "widespread"." Human rights organisations remain wary of publishing figures because they have been widely used as propaganda. (source: CFC)
  18. GARTH GIBBS CLASSIC QUOTE I WAS in analysis for years because of a traumatic childhood. (source: CH5)
  19. "Not really. I really, really like girls, y'know? And we took mushrooms a little bit too much. (source: CK5)
  20. In studying the deviation, Sartre himself deviated from his original project. But this was not just the effect of Stalin per se , despite his perverse attraction as a sort of singular-universal who did in effect unite "man" with "history": it was also the result of the theoretical collapse of the singular-universal as a totalizing concept that could save history from the aberrant consequences of anti-labour. Sartre's philosophical grounding of "History", therefore, foundered in the second volume when the logic of history inexorably brought him, not to totalization without a totalizer, but to the very reverse: the figure of Stalin and the conclusion that Stalinism had been indispensable for the development of socialism in the Soviet Union. (source: CTY)
  21. It was a second or two before it opened and when it did her lips parted silently. The occupant of the hut, for it was no more than that, wore a shabby but neat uniform, an apron, and a cap which concealed every strand of hair. Honor thought she was the most exquisite girl she had ever seen and her heart sank lower than ever. (source: EVC)
  22. I lived quite a lot of my early childhood at the Thompsons' house behind a shop on Harehills Parade. They had been country people and I was taken off to visit relatives and friends in Shepley and Harewood, sucking mintoes as a treat. There were two worlds co-existing. (source: FU7)
  23. My original career intention was to go into farm management and I went to agricultural college. I worked on farms for a while before I joined my present company, so I know how to handle a tractor! His wife has even closer links with farming, She is the daughter of an arable farmer situated well south of Teesdale, in an area where both she and her husband were born and brought up. (source: G39)
  24. shows its relevance to their work; ensures commitment to that vision. Peters and Austin (1986) use the image of the leader as "chief salesperson" where leadership is involved in creating an image of the organisation and symbolising what it stands for. (source: GVN)
  25. They had plenty of time and, with the auto-helm, he could manage the boat alone. All she had to do was provide three good meals a day. But everything was different now. (source: H7W)
  26. Lucenzo's dark eyes flickered in warning but Meredith was determined not to be intimidated. "Blackmail indeed! How would you like to be an innocent old woman quietly doing your knitting, and then get a letter like that out of the blue?" (source: H94)
  27. I never thought the day would come when I'd feel sorry for the man, but I do. If he's never caught his breath at the sight of your crooked smile, or felt his heart lurch with love at the sound of your voice, or watched you walk across a room and wanted you and finally found out that you return his feelings, then he's a poor man and I'm the richest man in the world. Maria?" (source: H9L)
  28. "Only that you seem to be the darling of the tabloids," she muttered. "Every time you're photographed you have another blonde lovely on your arm." She could feel the heat of his glare even though she wasn't looking at him. (source: HA9)
  29. The program was developed by Trius, one of shareware's most professional teams, and authors of AsEasyAs. Requires Hard Disc. FORTUNE (source: HAC)
  30. "What's wrong with people seeing you as you really are?" "That's different." He tucks his shirt into his jeans. (source: HDC)
  31. FOREIGN Relations with Soviet Union On Dec. 29, 1989, Joxe, the Interior Minister, visited his Soviet counterpart, Vadim Bakatin, in Moscow. (source: HKX)
  32. GET TO KNOW ME BETTER THAN MY BEST MATE DOES! Hint. I'm a 19-year-old Scottish university student- But why am I becoming so interested in the Personal columns? (source: HSJ)
  33. The word "consanguinity" is too cold -- because it fits the metre so well, it implies she has carefully considered the impression she wants to make. And she describes her lover as "sweet", which would immediately remind the audience of the cloying portrayal of Paris and Helen. Troilus is equally affected in his "grief": (source: HUB)
  34. It's a peculiar way to carry on a war, isn't it? If I didn't know the Germans were exactly as bad, I'd say it was a very British thing. Ferried remarkably similar to the Germans in some ways." (source: HWA)
  35. Provided that the module is not called up by any packages managed by other users, the module manager can authorise the module to be modified, copied and deleted. If the module is called up by other packages managed by other users, it can only be modified, copied or deleted if the agreement of the relevant package managers is obtained. Configuration Manager (source: HWF)
  36. Despite the early successes of restrictive practices legislation in combating collusive agreements, there is now a belief that within the present business climate the legislation possesses fundamental weaknesses. This belief was articulated within the official review of restrictive practices policy (Department of Trade and Industry 1988c). The main problem is that the policy approach that has evolved is no longer seen as efficient. (source: HXN)
  37. And the sun Yes it's not scientific. Shh. (source: JAA)
  38. These days you seem to spend most of your time in the States." He smiled at that. "I spend a fair amount of time there." (source: JXS)
  39. And her heart was crying out, Oh, Jake, I love you! It was as though he had sensed her unspoken pleading. He pulled her close, his arms tight around her, and buried his face for a moment in her hair. (source: JXS)
  40. She is always there, isn't she? And never with another man. Victoria it will be." (source: JYA)
  41. How much do they know about me?" "No details. Your presence tonight won't cause comment, I promise." (source: JYC)
  42. There are an estimated 200,000 orphans still languishing in the orphanages. Romania has only recently made abortion legal and Ceacescu's legacy will be with them for decades. His dream was to create a population bent to his will. (source: K1C)
  43. Although it started off as a school project, the spider catcher has attracted alot of outside interest. The school has applied to patent the design, and pupils are busy making up a batch of fifty to sell to commercial customers. It's success could be put down to the hard sell. (source: K1G)
  44. After all the Christmas lights remain up on the main street, and are still working. "They're not Christmas lights," jokes Dave Wotherspoon, "they are winter lights. There has got to be something to stop the skiers losing their way when they fall out of the pub." (source: K5H)
  45. Yes, yes, I know even, even Ratner himself called them tat or Yeah. crap or something didn't he? (source: KBK)
  46. Yeah. You know, that, that's the only thing er Alright. (source: KCN)
  47. I expect it's a waste of time though. Oh look at that. Any bastard bar that ten. (source: KCP)
  48. Ugh! Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo ! You stinker! (source: KD5)
  49. Matt ! Coming. Get me a bag son? (source: KD7)
  50. You think as well, which is very irritating, ask some of you this, but Who would like some more coffee? (source: KPV)
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